A Cry for Help

If I disappear,
will you notice?
If I scream,
will you hear?
What do I offer
to this world?
A waste of space.
A filled place.

The tears come,
suffocating me.
The emptiness crushes me
until I'm almost no more.

It wouldn't take long
to end it all.
Will you stop me?

In the Now

 Four years. 
Such a long span of time to go.
Time speeds.
Oh, how much has changed.
How much more will change?
Four more years.
Faster they go.
Will they ever slow?
Not enough time.
There’s not enough time to do
everything I want.
Four more years.
I’m different than the me
12 years ago.
Am I who I thought I would be?
I don’t know.
I need to let the past and future go.
Here’s to the present.

Fallen Angel

How beautiful is the place from which you came,
where the colors radiate,
the light always shines,
the air is pure and easy to breathe.

You lived happily,
content with what you had.

Then they sent you here
to show others your light,
your joy,
but this world drips darkness.

It sinks its teeth into you
and sucks the life from you.

With each inch closer to death
comes more pain and sorrow
until you forget the beauty, the colors, the light, the air.
It corrupts
until you no longer recognize who you are.

You fill the void
with lust, fear, material things, hatred,
and there's nothing left
except the contents of a broken heart from a broken world.

Oh, angel, how will you ever get back home?